Blackbelly Market Denver

is a destination for hungry neighbors and visitors, serving counter service breakfast, lunch, charcuterie boards & snacks, artisanal retail goods, deli meats, fresh cuts and more.

Exapanding from its original award-winning location in Boulder, the shop focuses on the craft of housemade charcuterie, salami, salumi and deli meats led by Michelin Young Culinary Professional, Kelly Kawachi and the award-winning Blackbelly team. 

Tuesday - Sunday: 

Breakfast 7 - 11am // Lunch 11am - 4pm

Note: Due to the smaller footprint in Denver compared to Boulder,  this shop provides a more reduced selection of butcher cuts in comparison, but, is always stocked with essentials. Please ask us for any special requests by visiting or calling and we will do our best to accommodate!

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