Blackbelly Butcher

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thank you for your interest in reserving a Blackbelly turkey this Thanksgiving for your holiday table! All ordering will be done through the form below. Note: It is not a confirmed order until Blackbelly replies with an approval.

Many of the sizes have sold out at this time but we still have a few extra large and jumbo broad breasted white birds available.

Our pies have sold out! 

Turkeys for this year come from two different farms: 


1) Barbers Brand Broad Breasted White (Missouri & Nebraska co-op) - $7.99/lb

Colorado-based & family-owned, raising turkeys since 1949 in Broomfield.  They now work with a co-op of small farmers in Missouri & Nebraska as well.

Their broad Breasted Whites are Grade A, all natural, antibiotic free & hormone free.  These are the classic American turkey - the most common  found on dinner tables for Thanksgiving.  These turkeys were bred to produce a bigger bird, and specifically bigger breast meat.

2) Joyce Farms Heritage Black Breed (Winston-Salem, NC) - $13.99/lb

This is a family owned farm established in 1962. Turkeys are raised in pasture in a low stress environment, on a diet of corn and soy. They apply strict standards on environmental impact and animal welfare, using regenerative agricultural methods. Heritage Black are one of the first breeds to be developed from Native American stocks (believed to be the same breed the Pilgrams feasted on.) ** ONLY SMALL SIZES available from Joyce Farms**

PLEASE NOTE: the price of your turkey will be calculated based on its final weight (price per weight above) on the day of pick up.