Blackbelly came to life in 2011 when I opened Blackbelly Catering and soon thereafter, Blackbelly Farm. The idea was to create food from the source to the plate. No middlemen. No shipping. Embracing the food of the seasons and being a true locavore.

It's the mission of Blackbelly to not only know where the food comes from, but to serve our customers the very best product we can find. We began by raising our own livestock - pigs and lamb - to use in our kitchen. We've cultivated relationships with regional artisans,  suppliers, farmers and ranchers to secure the best products we can possibly find.

Ultimately, flavor is paramount. It's the most important factor in my kitchen. Flavor first and everything else comes after that. To produce the best tasting food, we start with the best ingredients. Sounds simple, right? It is. Blackbelly is my home base - the center of our culinary universe: catering, our restaurant, and now our butcher shop & market. We have built a kitchen that can handle all of it, and serve some of the best dining to be found in the state. 

I have been conjuring up this scenario for years - a restaurant and market, with a whole animal butchery program and a kitchen "laboratory" where we can experiment, tinker, and dream. Blackbelly is the culmination of thousands of ideas, years of brainstorming, and a whole lot of cooking. I am so happy to have finally opened the doors to unite my community of friends and guests - it's a place I am extremely proud of and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.