What makes our butchery & house made charcuterie so unique and specialized?

Blackbelly is the first and only independent, whole animal butcher shop in Boulder, CO. We are also the only facility licensed to make and sell our own cured meats. Our butcher team, led by Nate Singer, utilizes rare skills passed down for generations. All animals are raised on our friends' ranches and enjoy life in their natural surroundings. These conditions result in the unparalleled quality of all the meat found at Blackbelly.

Two primary suppliers of Blackbelly's meats - small, family-run Carter Country Meats and Boulder Lamb & Meats - have always applied organic standards to their practices, but they have recently taken steps to deepen their commitment by investing in official organic certification from the USDA.

Blackbelly salumi and charcuterie can take weeks, months or even years to produce. It is truly a labor of love. Our provisions include dry-fermented salami and European-style whole cured muscles, such as prosciutto and coppa. Our house made charcuterie selection also includes pates and terrines, fresh sausages and more.

Our program is designed to utilize the whole animals we receive, and it is not always possible to guarantee availability of every cut, but we always find something very comparable, and the best method is seeing Nate in the shop!

The end result is a modern, artisanal experience that preserves an old world butcher shop approach.

Hours and Special Requests:
Our butcher counter is open Monday thru Friday,
7am -6pm & Saturday from 11am-5pm. The shop is closed on Sunday.

The breakfast and lunch menu is available Monday thru Friday ONLY.

Breakfast: 7am-11am

Lunch: 11am-3pm

ALL regular to-go orders should be made over the phone 720-479-8296 or in person.

Specialty orders

- May be made over the phone, in-person, or via email: Sam@blackbelly.com (this is the only email address for specialty orders)

- Are available for pick up on Wednesdays and Fridays only.

- Meat of the month club orders are available for pick up the first Wednesday of every month.

- A deposit must be made in advance, with a 48 hour order minimum notice required.

The following is a list of specialty orders most commonly available for purchase at Blackbelly: Dry-aged steaks, family style roasts, whole and half animals, specialty charcuterie, in-house salumi. 

Meet your meat!

We work directly with local ranchers we trust and know personally: RC & Mark of Carter Country Meats, Clint and Mary Kay Buckner of Boulder Lamb & Meats, Taylor McDonald from McDonald Family Farm.

Blackbelly Beef: Our Carter Country cows come from Ten Sleep, WY. They are dry-aged for a minimum of 35 days, which results in extremely flavorful and tender beef. Blackbelly is working with the Carters to develop a groundbreaking feeding progra to raise standards for sustainability.

Blackbelly Lamb: Boulder Lam & Meats is run by sixth generation rancher Clint Buckner, whose family has raised lamb for more than 130 years. They breed Columbia / Rambouillet ewes, known for their hardiness, with Suffolk and Dorset, resulting in extremely tender meat. They are 100% grass-fed and raised in pasture in Boulder County.

Blackbelly Pork: Our Heritage breed pigs are dry-aged for a maximum of 2 weeks. They are born, raised and slaughtered in Colorado. Our pork comes from two ranches: Clint Buckner's Boulder-based farm, where our Berkshire pigs are fed on a diet 100% from Boulder County; and McDonald family farm, where Duroc Pigs are raised and fed in Brush, CO.

Meet our Butcher Nate Singer:

Nate Singer is a fifth-generation Wyomingite on both sides of his family, born near Yellowstown Park. He grew up camping, hunting, fishing, working on the farm and gardening with his family, who ate off the land not by choice but by necessity. His father is a butcher (and musician) who runs a roadhouse bar and restaurant called Cassie's in their hometown of Cody, Wyoming.

Nate grew up in the restaurant and has experience in all aspects of the industry - dishwasher, busser, host, server, manager, bartender, line cook, butcher and chef. He met Chef Hosea Rosenberg while attending Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder, before Rosenbeg won Bravo TV's Top Chef Season 5. He has worked with Rosenberg for over a decade. Nate served as Hosea's chef de cuisine for several years when Blackbelly was born as a high end catering business. DUring this time he worked mutiple stages and attended accredited classes with some noted butchers and charcuteries including Mark DeNittis and Biran Polcyn, learning the old world of meat preservation from a few of the best. After a stint back in Wy, working with the family at Cassie's, Nate moved to Maine where he helped open a local whole-animal butcher shop, MEat, run by a husband and wife team, funded by Kickstarter. They utilize whole animals that have been raised within 100 miles of the shop.

Nate returned to Boulder in January 2015 to open the small butchery inside Blackbelly Market, which had opened in November 2014.  Just over a year later, Blackbelly expanded its footprint to the space next door, opening the dedicated Blackbelly Butcher shop. Here there is ample kitchen and food production space for Nate and his team. He features 100% Colorado Wagyu, Wyoming dry-aged certified country beef, sustainably raised local heritage breed pork, and Boulder County 100% grass-fed lamb and goat. House cured meats sucha as prosciutto and traditional fermented sausages are available along with the other homemade Blackbelly provisions.


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